RubyWorld Conference 2011

2011 9/5 (Mon) - 6 (Tue)
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Opening Greetings : Yukihiro Matsumoto, Zembee Mizoguchi, Masataka Matsuura


September 5 (Mon.) 10:00-10:55.


Hall-A (International Conference Hall 3F)


Yukihiro Matsumoto

(Chairperson of Executive Committee)

RubyWorld Conference is the international, business focused, Ruby conference. The last two conferences had provided great presentations on business use-cases, latest technology trends, and language standardization process from speakers from various countries. This year, the third annual RubyWorld Conference will provide even greater experience to every attendee. All members of program committee and staffs will welcome you. Enjoy the conference!

Zembee Mizoguchi

(Governor of Shimane Prefecture)

Welcome to Shimane Prefecture, a land bathed in culture, overflowing with history, and filled with rich, natural beauty. On behalf of the people of Shimane, I welcome you from the bottom of my heart.
I feel delighted that the RubyWorld Conference has reached its third year, with thanks to the approval received from both foreign and domestic sources.
In Shimane, together with the Ruby Association and local businesses, we have been working hard to implement Ruby engineer training and expand its use in business. This year, I hope to hear of technological advances, which are accelerating around the world, and the latest trends in business use.
I pray that this year’s Conference will, through Ruby, deepen your connections and create new business opportunities for you.

Masataka Matsuura

(Mayor of Matsue City)

Welcome one and all to Matsue, ‘The City of Water’. It is a great pleasure to have the RubyWorld Conference held for what will be its third time here in Matsue. There is constant and active exchange amongst many engineers in Matsue and elsewhere on the ‘Open Source Lab’ established in Matsue City. I hope that we will be able to use this conference, which introduces innovative use of Ruby, as impetus to spread further exchange and lead to the creation of future collaborations.
The quaint town of Matsue, also known as ‘The City of Water’ is a picturesque area, which I hope you may all take this occasion as an opportunity to enjoy your surroundings in conjunction with the Ruby conference.

RubyWorld Conference Exective Committee


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