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2011 9/5 (Mon) - 6 (Tue)
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RubyWorld Conference 2011 Prospectus

The 1st meeting of the RubyWorld Conference was held in 2009, and the meeting to be held this year will now be the 3rd. Despite the handicap of having its venue far away from the nation’s center, Tokyo, in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, it has attracted total attendances of over 1000 participants as an event in which an overview of topics in the fields of not only technology, but also business and academic learning can be gained. The past two conferences may be said to have been great successes. We ourselves acknowledge that this is because the messages which the RubyWorld Conference has been sending out— “communication of comprehensive information, including business, about Ruby”, “information originating from the provincial sector”, and “international exchange”, have found acceptance. In the coming 3rd meeting, these messages will be sent out even more powerfully in response to heightening expectations for the RubyWorld Conference based on the past.

The subtitle of the coming meeting has been set as “Business Creation by Ruby, A Bright Future”. In order to overcome the difficult times in the wake of the earthquake disaster as well, we pray that the RubyWorld Conference will be useful in being of some help for all to work together to create a wonderful future.

Yukihiro Matsumoto
Chairman, Ruby Association

RubyWorld Conference Exective Committee


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