RubyWorld Conference 2011

2011 9/5 (Mon) - 6 (Tue)
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Recent years have seen the rapid spread of the Ruby programming language to business systems in private and public sectors, in addition to the development of web applications, for which Ruby has been commonly used.

In the past two annual meetings of the RubyWorld Conference held in Matsue, Shimane, various information and points of view have been shared among the Ruby community,including developers, engineers, and end-users, throughout the talks about case studies of advanced applications, latest technical trends, and the standardization of the language specification.

This year, the RubyWorld Conference will be held again, in which participants will be able to obtain a wide variety of information about Ruby, and gain an understanding of the “Ruby ecosystem”.


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Expansion of the Ruby market / business

The aim will be to widen the opportunities to use Ruby and create a wider range of fields of application through the communication of information on such aspects as technical trends and cases of application in business, and work toward the international standardization (ISO) of Ruby.

The advantages and challenges of using Ruby for development will also be accurately communicated to system development “end users” by introducing cases of applications of Ruby.

The RubyWorld Conference aims to enlarge the Ruby market and business through such communication of information.

Conference summary


September 5 (Mon.) and September 6 (Tues.), 2011


International Conference Hall (3F) and Small Hall (1F), Shimane Prefectural Convention Center “Kunibiki Messe”


Executive Committee for RubyWorld Conference

Affiliated bodies:
Ruby Association; Shimane Prefectural Government; Matsue Municipal Government; Shimane University; Matsue College of Technology; JETRO Matsue; Shimane Industrial Promotion Foundation; Shimane Information Technology Industry Association; Open Source Software Society Shimane; METI Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry


Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)

Conference theme

Ruby’s ecosystem ~ Business Creation by Ruby, A Bright Future ~

Efforts will be made to communicate information to all those involved with Ruby, from developers/engineers to end users using systems developed with Ruby, as well as their communities. The theme will be the gaining of an understanding of the “Ruby ecosystem” so that the expectations of each party and the background as well as the pros and cons of each of the various technologies can all be surveyed in an overview.

Keynote speakers

Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby Association) and one other speaker (under consideration)

Other guest speakers

To be selected by the Program Committee
Some speakers will be invited from the public

Estimated number of visitors

500 on each day


Free (Registration required)

RubyWorld Conference Exective Committee


To Participate

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